Beauty Shoot with the lovely Miss Barbara

You know when you’re at a shoot… and the person your shooting looks so amazing that you can’t stop saying “OH MY GOD! or AHHHH! or I CAN’T EVEN STAND THIS!… etc, etc. Well, that was me while I was photographing Barbara. I was annoying myself, so I can’t even imagine what she felt like. I’m sure she wanted to tell me to SHUT IT! (said in a scottish accent), but she’s too nice.  Beauty shoots are just awesome.  It’s so much fun seeing the transformation from the before to the va-va-voom after.  I love it! It’s a pamper yourself, have artists pretty you up, feel fantastic and get some amazing pictures kind of session. Who doesn’t want to do that! I do! Barbara just so happens to be a pretty amazing makeup artist who will be making faces pretty for these beauty shoots. Check her work out here. In the near future I will be introducing you to some other people who will be part of my beauty team. Stay tuned… xo

F a c e b o o k