Ever need a little kick in the pants to get you going?

My  New Year’s resolution to get moving and take better care of myself has already gone by the wayside. I have every excuse in the book… I’m busy (who isn’t), I’m tired (who isn’t)… the list goes on and on. Meanwhile, there are people like my friend Dan who decide to do something and just do it. What makes him different from me? I have follow through with lots of other things in my life, but the eating/fitness thing… ughhh! Dan started a facebook page called Eat for Abs that is a place where you can stop by to get some motivation from a real person that’s walking the walk. You should stop by and “like” his page. Of course when I see him, I’m always asking him what he eats and what he’s doing. How he stays focused and motivated, hoping that some of what he says will rub off on me. Here’s a bit of of one of our last conversations… and you know what… I think he gave me that kick in the pants.

Me: What got you interested in fitness?

Dan: I always watched my dad lift while I was growing up and that’s where my interest really started. I never picked up any weights until I was about 19 though.

Me: Who are your role models?

Dan: My dad is my number one role model in my life. I am always reaching out to him for guidance and support. David Beckham and Nikki Sixx, both people who have amazing talent and were always the underdogs, and were told they could never make it. Greg Plitt is one of the most well known fitness models in the industry. He’s always on top of his game and has a lot of knowledge under his belt.

Me: When was the beginning of your journey?

Dan: I’ve been lifting since I was 19, but never for hard gains and actual transformation. The journey of Eat for Abs started around New Year’s of 2010.

Me: How do you go about setting goals for yourself?

Dan: With anything I have to be fully committed to it. I look at what I feel needs to be done or changed and I become slightly obsessed with it. I’ll continue  to do it until I successfully accomplish what I set out to do. I hate to fail. No excuses, just get right to it. The more you sit around and wait, the longer it’s going to take.

Me: What are your “go to ” places for finding out information?

Dan: For magazines I always read Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Health, Flex Magazine and Men’s Fitness. When I’m on the web, I’m browsing bodybuilding.com, cutandjacked.com and gregplitt.com

Me: When did you start seeing results?

Dan: I started to see actual results when I started to pay attention not just to exercising, but to my diet. When it comes down to it… it’s 100% training and 100% diet.

Me: How do you deal with setbacks?

Dan: I guess I can be hard on myself, but like I said, I hate to fail and I’m always up for a challenge. If something sets me back, I no longer look at it as a bad thing. I use it to my advantage for the next time I’m up against the same challenge.

Me: Where do you see yourself headed in the future?

Dan: I would enjoy getting into some type of modeling. Shooting with you was a lot of fun and it felt very rewarding being able to see all of the hard work I have put in. I would like to continue helping people who are like me and looking for a change in themeselves but just haven’t found that “it” thing to get them motivated.


Thanks Dan… xo

F a c e b o o k