Dina’s Beauty Shoot

I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Dina recently. We had a fun girly time with makeup, which was done by Barbara Rodriguez, and then shooting some sassy photos. I feel like this is such a perfect fit for me as a photographer. I remember when I was young… playing makeup and doing photo shoots. I’m seriously laughing out loud right now from embarrassment! And I’m the only one here!… hahaha. I may or may not have to post a picture of my ridiculousness from back in the day. That will be my before and after…  of my skillz. I know, I know… I just said “skillz”.  I can totally see my 11 year old rolling her eyes at me… hahaha.  So I guess it’s no surprise that I would end up playing makeup and taking photos for my job. I love it! Dina was amazing and she lit up the whole room with that gorgeous face! We all had so much fun. Enjoy! xo

F a c e b o o k